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At McDaniel’s Lawn Care & Landscaping we specialize in yard debris removal (but can also haul away any unwanted items). Most homeowners take time to keep their yard and landscaping looking nice and appealing. Most maintenance like mowing lawns, pruning shrubs and trees, trimming plants and flowers, and so on, creates a need for yard waste removal. If you aren’t using some of this debris for composting, then it has to be removed and disposed of, you can’t just leave it all on your lawn! 

Cluttered leaves and debris can also clog drain pipes and gutters. And yard waste left behind after mowing and trimming can create a thatch, which builds up and prevents your soil from receiving the sun, water, and nutrients it needs. Call McDaniel’s Lawn Care & Landscaping for prompt, responsible yard waste removal and to find out more about household junk removal!

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Yes, we are fully licensed and insured and carry workman’s compensation.

McDaniel’s Lawn Care services all of Duval County, Clay County and St. Johns County.

Yes we do! We work with homeowners, business owners, property managers, real estate agents and HOAs for all their lawn care and landscaping needs.

We don’t require a contract for most services, but if you intend to have regular maintenance and in order to have priority scheduling, we do recommend a contract.

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